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What my peers taught me

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Peers, cohorts, colleagues... all words to describe the brilliant people that I have met during

my time at Tulane Law School. They have taught me so much every week during the past two years and it all came to a conclusion listening to our panel presentations.

Our group covered topics from mental health, leave of absence, pay transparency, weight and age discrimination and MORE! There are so many great conversations happening that are valuable to each of us. I think the biggest takeaway for me was that each and every one of us regardless of topic cares about preparing employers to handle things the right way under the law in support of employees.

The most interesting to me was the presentation on Washington state's Silenced No More Act. I was not aware of this prior to listening to the panel presentation and I thought the conversation around society impacting law and furthermore employment law was very important and well done. I would encourage anyone to listen to this as it is a very well rounded conversation on the topic. We have an amazing group of smart people with great discussion topics!

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