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MJ LEL Final Paper...Mission Impossible? NO problem... Mission Completed!

© Eric Kalet, Adobe Firefly AI Text to Photo created image.

The weight is lifted! Not that it was heavy...(hmmmm my brain wanders, what will readers think about my interpretation of heavy...I'm thinking "Back to the Future" heavy)...

Marty McFly: "This is heavy." 

Dr. Emmett Brown: "Weight has nothing to do with it."

...but it was challenging. I have not written like this in over 20 years! This Capstone project stretched me and served to truly enhance my knowledge and expertise about the Americans with Disabilities Act. A true passion project!

The Tulane Law School Masters of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law (MJ-LEL) program was not only a key piece of my continuous life-long learning and an tremendous educational undertaking but a super memorable experience; one I will treasure and never forget.

And for those in the MJ-LEL program that are about to embark on your final semester journey, YOU GOT THIS!

Marty McFly: "This is heavy-duty, Doc."

It's really not, I promise.

© Eric Kalet, 2022.

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