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What week is this?

I've lost track of weeks and modules. I'm now in the (survival?) mode of just focusing on the next thing due.

I've finished my Annotated Bibliography and Outline but I'm still catching up on blog posts that I got behind on because I didn't have access to Wix.

Usually writing assignments come easy to me, but there is definitely added pressure when they are being posted publicly and for a professional purpose.

I'm feeling out of my element and I know I could be asking for help, but that's just as much out of my comfort zone as figuring this out alone is!

Professor Townsend Gard is so full of energy and hope in her lectures. She makes me believe this is going to be so FUN and valuable and amazing, but then I get down to the work and my brain hurts and I question if I'm doing these assignments right.

I'm looking forward to the final product. I know it will be worth the effort and I'm grateful for the opportunity to put into action what I always coach my employees and clients on - to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations.


What week is this? © 2022 by Amber Rhoton is licensed underCC BY-ND 4.0

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