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Meet our Capstonians - Fall 2022

The Capstone is a key component of our MJ-LEL program. We call those who are in it our Capstonians. They are writers and experts in their chosen field, and it is during this semester that they get an opportunity to develop that expertise. As part of that, we are proud to display who they are and feature their work on our blog and in social media. They will be posting all kinds of things -- personal biographies, their advice about getting through the program, exploratory blog posts on their research topics, and expert blog posts (towards the end of the semester). Welcome, Capstonians Fall 2022.

Want to learn more about them? Go to our Capstonian page on our TLELA website. TLELA is our new Tulane Labor and Employment Law Association, of which the Capstone course each semester is the stewards of.

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