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Collective Bargaining the American way? Not all unions are built the same.

Typically, Unions are compared across countries by growth and decline patterns or by violence level and by political activity. My goal was to write a paper that compared unions from different countries form a culture and practical perspective. Most of us presume that unions are all alike but the reality it they are not all the same.

At their core, unions support workers to negotiate for higher wages and benefits and improve conditions in the workplace. There are millions of union members in the US from all walks of life. These individuals know that by speaking up together, you can accomplish more than you could on your own. However, in other countries, you might now have the choice to join a union, it is just a matter of fact that you belong to one. In other countries, unions are organized by industries versus by companies.

This paper walks through the culture awareness of three countries: Mexico, France and India and explains how unions are formed and how they differentiate from the US.

Happy reading!

Tulane University Capstone 2022 © 2022 by ilda Andaluz is lice

EMPL6990_Assignment_FINAL PAPER__ilda Andaluz
Download PDF • 294KB

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