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Calling all Labor and Employment Law Enthusiasts! This program is for YOU!

As an HR professional who was eager to continue to develop my career, I was searching for a masters program that interested me. The traditional HR management masters programs were not going to provide me with the type of additional knowledge that I was hungry for. I had already worked in the HR management field for more than 12 years and was searching for something more focused, something more meaningful to me. That is when I was referred by a colleague to the Tulane Masters of Jurisprudence Labor and Employment Law program.

Labor and Employment law always "geeked" me out as I developed my career. I was drive by the approach of legally, what are the guidelines and then where do we go from there as a company. My assumption was that I would have to attend a traditional law school program to learn more and with my career and personal life, that would be a hard balance.

The Tulane Online MJ-LEL program is designed with the working HR professional in mind. The content and asynchronous learning style makes the program engaging and manageable. The staff and professors are realistic, supportive, available and are basically the best cheerleaders for their students that I have encountered to date. The program's singular goal is to make its students successful in every way, from course completion to knowledge application and overall empowerment as a legal professional.

If you are looking for a next step, avenue, path forward for your career in HR, the Tulane University Law School MJ-LEL program is worth looking into. I am so grateful to my colleague that brought the program to my attention. I will graduate in Spring 2024 and have already accepted a new role with my company as a next career step. And I owe much of that opportunity to the knowledge gained from Tulane.

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