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Are you considering the Tulane MJ Program?

Are you considering applying for the MJ Program at Tulane University? Let me tell you why I’m so grateful I did.

I knew I wanted to continue in my education, but I was overwhelmed by all of the options! As an HR Professional, how could I diversify myself from my peers? Nearly all my colleagues received MBAs, but I already had an undergraduate degree in HR… did I really want to receive a redundant education? NOPE. Did I want to just merely get a degree as a check-in-the box activity? Double NOPE. I knew I wanted to stand out in my profession and explore all the areas of employment law that I fell in love with during my undergrad.

At Tulane University, they’ve treated me and my previous education and applicable work experience with the utmost respect while teaching me to be an actual legal professional. Not only have I ventured through the granular details of various employment law statutes and best practices, but I’ve been trained to question and speculate future trends in the legal landscape. That alone is reason enough, but to add to it, they care about us as human beings, not just as students. They’ve built an entire program to provide a leading education for individuals who work full-time and may even have families at home depending on them. Tulane University's only aim is to see you succeed and provide you with all available resources possible to get you there. So, you’re still thinking of applying for the MJ program? My question is, why wouldn’t you?

Are you considering applying for the MJ Program at Tulane University? © 2023 by Leann Coley is licensed underCC BY-SA 4.0

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