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What is particularly difficult about asking me, “What have you learned in a class or at work that is an interesting aspect of the LEL field?,” is the fact that it implies there’s only one thing. Or, perhaps, I’m supposed to identify “the thing” that is most interesting, which is nearly impossible. So much of this program has been eye-opening, jaw-opening, and mind-blowing.

Perhaps, the best way to tackle this question is to utilize a bit of the recency effect. There is one recent subject that I’ve found incredibly interesting pertaining to the NLRA and the NLRB guidelines for employers. For years, I failed to realize that the NLRA is applicable and relevant for most employers in the US. It wasn’t until I was in the Labor Relations or Social Media courses that I realized the magnitude of influence the NLRA has over the general employment landscape. Especially pertaining to confidentiality, pay transparency/wage conversations, professionalism, social media, etc.

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