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Words of Wisdom

A Collaborative Column by MJ-LEL Students for  MJ-LEL Students

We asked our graduating class for words of inspiration and tips and if they have a lot of great suggestions.  We thought we would preserve the voice and present the works in their entirety, with a little bio from each.

- Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Deputy Director of MJ-LEL and John E. Koerner Endowed Professor of Law, Tulane University Law School

4: Immersion

What is Immersion? What does it mean to you?


We asked our graduating students their thoughts on Immersion.  This is our weekend-long immersive intensive that happens every July.  You have to attend at least once, but many come back, even after the have graduated.  It is really the heart of our program.  And being in New Orleans doesn’t hurt either!  And then COVID hit, and we had to cancel Immersion in 2020 and 2021.  July 2022 we returned.  And so, our graduating class had to wait until nearly the end of the program to meet each other in person.  Here’s what they said about Immersion.

Matthew Covarrubias works in HR.  

“When I started the MJ-LEL program I admittedly did not look forward to the Immersion weekend requirement. It was inconvenient for my family, finances, and company.  [It was just before the last semester that Matthew was able to attend, due to COVID.] Aside from the amazing jazz, culture, and food New Orleans had to offer, I found myself AMAZED and humbled to be on-campus. The staff and professors who put on this weekend made it more than a sparkly work convention. The program itinerary was a perfect balance of learning and networking. As an HR Department of One, I don’t always get to feel validated in what recommendations I bring to company executives. There in Tulane’s law school classrooms, I interacted with the best of the HR profession. All of us there were on the path to help build a better organization and country, through adhering to this country’s laws and creating more equitable policies in our respective companies. We celebrated our classmates’ achievements together. We garnered a deeper understanding together. We thanked professors and leaders together. We feasted together (oh ya, lots of food & drink). I took a picture as I was leaving Immersion, and realized that the photograph represents Tulane’s beauty and prestige that I am not part of. Tulane enriches our capacity to think, learn, act, and lead with integrity and wisdom. I hoped I would have learned this sooner and attended earlier in the program.”  

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 10.29.03 PM.png

This is the Post © 2022 by Matthew Covarrubias is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International.

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