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Tracy Fleischer

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

Hi my name is Tracie Fleischer and I am a Human Resources Director.  What do HR Directors do exactly?

Well we do a lot!   We take care of all the employees needs at a company and we also make sure the company is following all the rules regarding polices and procedures in the workplace. 

I signed up for this program to increase my knowledge of employment law so I can be a strong resource for any company navigating the difficult waters of workplace investigations, employee relations, hiring, firing, and many other functions.  Why am I good at my job?    Because I care about people and their experiences at work.

People deserve to go somewhere everyday that makes them happy.  Work for most of us is essential unless we win the lottery :)    They also need to feel connected and have a culture that makes them feel included.

They also need to be challenged and respected.  This sounds easy but it is not always that easy.  That is where HR comes in!   To find out more about me and my company check out the link below.




This work is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0  (Links to an external site.)





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