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You Should Be Here!

The MJ program at Tulane University has been the best choice I have made for my educational experience. And I have made some questionable decisions in the past! While completing my final semesters for my undergrad I begin to think. What is next for me? What do I want to do? Going to grad school wasn’t first in my mind. Then I received a message on LinkedIn about enrolling in the program I attended an information session and VOILA! My mind was made up. During the information session, every single question you could ask was answered from enrollment qualifications, tuition cost, and classes offered. Oh, did I mention it is a fully online program?!! As a working adult, it was important that the classes were manageable as I had taken as many as six courses during my last year in undergrad. The program is designed for each student to take two classes per semester; your courses are preselected with the exception of three electives. There is also an immersion weekend where you travel to the university and get to meet your cohort, other cohorts, alumni, and faculty.

The professors are attentive and informative. Most importantly they are all attorneys, so we get the knowledge from real professionals. If you want to learn or expand your knowledge in legal analysis, discrimination, sex and gender, medical leave, intellectual property, and employment law just to name a few. This is the program for you!

You Should Be Here! © 2023 by Osha Stevenson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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