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Yes. Yes, I am a "Swiftie".

The title of this article got me and there is also an important EEOC poster update link in there too. There are so many frequent updates to laws and regulations. How can one keep up? CATCHY TITLES!!!! This is my first blog post and the first thing I must do is.... create a catchy title. Well, unless you have a child, family member, and/or friend that is OBSESSED by Taylor Swift, you may not know she just released a new album called Midnights. Midnights has 13 songs (13 is Taylor's favorite number) and she also released seven additional songs at 3 am. Guess what they are called.....the 3 am tracks....Genius.

During Capstone, we will be asked to submit blog posts along the way. So wish me luck on thinking of catchy titles or phrases that draw you in and keep you reading my posts.....Until then, remember to update your EEOC posters :)

WellThatWasInteresting © 2022 by Patty Wilkinson is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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