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William Wade MJ-LEL?

My name is William Wade. I have spent most of my career as a Manger, not a human resources professional. That makes me somewhat of an oddity in the program. I decided to go back to school to get my undergrad at the young age of 32. In studying business with a concentration in human resources I found I had a favorite class. Human Resource law. That class gave me the idea of what I should study in grad school. So I searched where one can study human resource law without becoming a lawyer. I found Tulane, and the MJ LEL program. Since New Orleans is one of my favorite cities ever and Tulane is a renowned law school I put in my application. Almost 2 years later here I am, excited, nervous, and blogging against my will. Hopefully I'll be able to put MJ-LEL after my name come August 2023.

Capstone Bio © 2023 by William Wade is licensed underCC BY 4.0

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