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Why Tulane’s MJ-LEL Program?

As HR professionals, the work we do is driven by federal, state and local law. Most of us interact with and often rely on legal partners to ensure that we are operating within the scope of law on behalf of both the employer and its employees. It is because of this fact that I sought out the Tulane MJ-LEL program to help make me a better in my role and a better partner to our legal partners.

Since starting the program, I have gained so much more! I now have a forever network of HR professionals who have shared with me their workplace challenges, experiences, practices and ideas. Not to mentioned, the MJ-LEL professors are simply amazing. Classes are conversational and often include real examples from their experiences or discussion of recent legal cases that are applicable to what we are learning. The biggest thing I will take away from this program is how to evaluate situations and make decisions based on facts, circumstances and the law. If you are an HR professional, this program is a no-brainer for your success and should be an easy sell for your employer to support your participation.

Why the MJ-LEL Program © 2023 by Shalom M Wilburn is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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