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Who am I - Kiyes Mwen Ye

Who am I – ((Kiyes mwen Ye ) in Haitian Creole)

My name is Karine Kersaint-Fonrose and I am a law student at Tulane Law School. I am a wife, mother, career professional and student.

There are two education goals that I look to achieve; one is a law degree and the other is a doctorate in compliance and policy. I am currently in a Hybrid position where I am a Legal, Privacy and compliance Director and Oversee Employee Relations matters for the organization which I work for. Part of the compliance responsibility is to oversee policy governance for the enterprise and ensure the organization operates in compliance to company policy, laws and regulations. I also work in a Senior Human Resources Business partner at times as the bulk of my work experience is in human Resources and my expertise fairs well with the Human Resources Team.

Why Law School and Why Tulane?

As Human Resources Professionals, organizations expect us to interpret the law to the best of our ability in order to mitigate risk for the organization. In a compliance capacity the same principle applies. Compliance courses teach us how to maintain compliance with regulations in the environment and/or industry you are working in. Human Resources programs teaches us how to manage talent and performance matters. Although both Human Resources and Compliance refence certain laws within their respective programs – you are often relying on a third party to answer your questions without really teaching you how to respond for yourself in the future. Why Tulane – I researched for a couple of years before finding a program that offers, live classes, group projects, one on one meetings, in person immersion weekend on campus and an opportunity to work and connect with lawyers, attorneys, professors and subject matter experts on a daily basis. in my opinion Tulane is the only program out there that offers a law program that teaches Human Resources Professionals how to incorporate the ever-changing laws, administrative law process, legal analysis, investigations, contracts, dealing with social media, leaves and more into their daily work activities in order to make wiser decisions.

The program is not for the weak and with any program you will get out of it what you put into it. Even with over 15 years of Human Resources Experience, I learned so much and applied what I learned in real time and noticed positive impact and responses from my team. My cohorts and professors provided honest feedback and course corrected me as needed. At times my interpretation of the law was from the lens of a Human Resources Professional and seeing things from the lens of attorney’s helps me make wiser not better decisions. As professionals in the Human Resources, Privacy and Compliance world, this program touched on these industries and law and applied each lesson to your work employment atmosphere. If Tulane offers a Doctorate Program, I will enroll. No other on-line school that I know of made me feel like a law student that was actually on campus in a class. Thank you, Tulane, for offering what other law school would not.

Who am I ( Kiyes mwen Ye) – I am a decadent of two Haitian Immigrants and Tulane has helped me make them proud.

Who am I - Kiyse mwen Ye © 2023 by Karine Kersaint-Fonrose is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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