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What were you Thinking?

Are you considering the MJ-LEL program? Let me give you my perspective…

Every time new classes start, I ask myself, “whose idea was this, anyway? What were you thinking?” Every.single.time. The first week or two of new classes, I feel completely overwhelmed. I question every decision I’ve made in life! I pore over the syllabi. I check the calendars. I recheck the calendars. I triple-check the calendars. I stare at the modules and their little empty boxes next to each section and I want to die a little. But it’s too late now. I’ve committed. Sure, I can still drop the classes and just quit the whole thing, but I’m no quitter (read with vitriol). I’m not going to let a three-month course get the best of me! No.Way. So, with some trepidation (ok, A LOT of trepidation), I click.

Module 0…does it get any lonelier than Module ZERO?! Course Overview. This is where your life plan for the next three months is revealed. Then, you get to introduce yourself…so many times. I am a pretty guarded person, so the thought of introducing myself at all is terrifying. I don’t want anyone to know me or anything about me. I’d much prefer to let my work speak for itself. That is not an option. Of course, what you share is totally up to you. I, for the most part, kept mine pretty generic until the Capstone introductions.

Click. Click. Click. Click through the sections in each module. Read, listen, read, listen, complete the assignments (like a boss!) and move onto the next module. All the while knowing more than you did a week, a month, a year before. About midway through the class, I start feeling pretty comfortable with the cadence. I’ve developed a schedule that works for me. I’m making my way through. And I even start thinking, “well, when I’ve completed the MJ-LEL, what will I do next? I wonder if I could get a law degree, for reals! There’s a very prestigious university not far from me…I could totally do it.”

Towards the end of the course, I’m feeling comfortable with the material and my understanding of it. Every course is very well-thought out and comprehensive. What you need to know though, is that the law is constantly changing and evolving, so the MJ-LEL program is all about expectations. If you’re expecting to be an expert in any particular subject after completing this program, you’re on a fool’s errand. So, what can you expect, then? You can expect to get tons of information and even more resources and support to help you navigate the legal landscape. You can expect to be challenged – the way a close friend would challenge you – with dignity and respect; pushing you to do more, know more, and be more. You can expect to feel more confident. You can expect to feel accomplished.

Does the program meet my expectations? My expectation when joining was simple. I want to be more effective and valuable to my employer. This program has far exceeded that singular goal. I did not expect everything else I’m experiencing. Not only am I more knowledgeable, but it has also helped me with time management, setting priorities, and even how I lead my team. The one thing that totally blows me away, every course, is the care and support of the professors. Their genuine dedication to the students is second to none.

This is my resounding recommendation for anyone considering the program – do it. But if you do it, commit to it. Invest in yourself and be better than you were before.

What were you Thinking? © 2023 by Leahna Ennis is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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