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What in the World are You Doing HERE, Coach?

Hi, my name is Coach Carlson and I am Tulane Labor and Employment Law Student. 

I enrolled in the online program in 2021 and it was sort of this plan in the back of my mind to further my education, but I wanted it to be something that lit me up.  

I am an advocate for the well-being of our college coach population. I have a platform called the Fearless Coach and while I am versed well in Title IX and years of advocacy in my profession I really wanted to take it a step further in increasing my level of legal literacy. However, I have a full time job coaching so how in the world could I do that?

I was googling law programs one day and Tulane popped up. At first I thought it was just so insane that I would be adding to my plate and I kept weighing the risk reward and talked myself out of it. Of course the outreach people at Tulane who work for the program were crushing the competition. Everywhere I clicked after my initial visit to the site, there was an email reminding me not just to get my application in to sell their program (there were plenty of those from a dozen robotic school replies) but an enthusiastic draw of personally catered content pumping me up and using language that gradually convinced me it was possible. They were immediately available to give me information and they made the process just flawless. 

However, even though the process was flawless it really didn’t do anything to belay the concerns I had about work load and my own capability because I anticipated that I would be weird odd-coach-out seeking a legal degree at my age and at this point in my career as a college coach. Who does that? 

Ok,, clearly I do because I'm here with a whole cohort of amazing people who had the exact same concerns only, we didn't know that. The moment I was enrolled in the program I felt this kinship with people who came from all walks of life and different professions and the program was like the glue that bound me together with my cohorts who had zero empirical evidence that they should doubt ourselves.

I have been part of many teams in my lifetime at the state local regional and I am also a 3 time national championship coach and so much of that has been based on winning.

This kind of team I have at Tulane in the labor and employment law program has been based on the challenge of completing coursework and attending classes all while I have a family life and a full time career so I want to tell people that if I can do it, you can do it and if you are going to do it, do it at Tulane. You won’t regret it. 

What in the World Are You Doing HERE, Coach? © 2024 by Rebecca Carlson is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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