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For the purpose of this assignment, I have decided to review the posting for Age and Weight Discrimination, ADA Physical Job Requirements and ADA Accommodations. I was particularly attracted to this topic since this is an area that makes me nervous in the workplace since many projects can trigger an issue. Some key takeways from this discussions was the many ways that an employer can discriminate based on age such listing year of graduation on the application. They provided specific examples on cases such as google and provided valuable details on the case. The discussion also stated how many employers tend to recruit a younger workforce and this group is availed to training opportunities that are not made available to the older workforce. The group promoted Diversity and Inclusion training as well as unconscious bias training. They emphasized how awareness should be coupled in order to gain compliance, one does not necessarily work without the other.

The presentation then focused on ADA Accommodations. To research and discuss the best practices in establishing policies that are in compliance with ADA Accommodations.A guide approach was taken for mid-size organizations to use as a resource when these matters arise.This was very beneficial for me since I am in the process of updating job descriptions and we are revisiting the accommodations section. Job descriptions are essential when establishing an interactive process once a request for an accommodation has been received. It is important to note that not all accommodations need to be made and not all employees qualify.

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