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Update on my paper on social media and unions

"Give us a glimpse into what and how you are doing as you write your research paper in the Capstone."

I am doing ok with my paper so far. I am still researching my articles and cases for my topic of social media, Unions and free speech. Fortunately, there is a lot of articles on the topic and a lot of case law as well. Most of the articles I have found are good glimpses into what has transpired and what the recommendations are for employers and the pitfalls to avoid but some are discussing the difference in the case law that has come out that some seem to be contradictory in its decisions which leaves it up to the employer to make good faith judgements.

Others are more direct and specific of dos and don’ts that make obvious sense but there is still a lot of interpretation to be made by the employer to make those good decisions of what to do when employees post things o social media whether its related to a union campaign or not.

One last thing to discuss would also be the fact that employers do not have to have a union present at their workplace to potentially violate an employee’s rights under the NLRB if they monitor and take corrective action against their employee. There is a few case law examples that I plan on citing during my paper.

I am struggling a bit with the correct Blue Book citing but hope I can get it figured out.

So far so good and I am looking forward to working on this paper.

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