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Unions Outside the US

Aren't all Unions the same?

I started working with unions by accident. I never intended to work at the City of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. I got a call one summer, while I was travelling in Italy about a potential job. I got back home, had the interview and the next thing I know I was the HR Business Partner supporting the Building and Facility Division at the city. This was my introduction to trade unions. Since then, my career has taken many turns, I worked in many different industries: education, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication and most recently oil & gas. However there has always been one constant – unions.My Capstone paper focuses on how to navigate with unions abroad. I currently work with a US based organization who has entities in other countries, specifically Mexico, France, and India.

Living in a different country from where the employees are organized is very challenging and particularly time consuming. There are a lot of difference with the US, and if you do not speak their language the union will make extremely difficult. That is why I have decided to write my paper on practical tips on to deal with unions abroad. I will provide a legal comparison from each country, and I will also discuss about the unwritten rules on how to handle certain situations.

Lastly, I will write on the challenges I have faced as a female working in a male dominant industry and being the only women at the negotiation table representing my organization and the only one who speaks the languages to be able to understand the nuances during the negotiations.

My hope is that this will help others in similar situations. I wished someone could have mentored me or give me guidance before I started in this union journey.

Tulane University Capstone 2022 © 2022 by ilda Andaluz is licensed under Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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