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Union Bosses

Today I had the opportunity to watch a panel presentation from three current MJ-LEL students: Sharita Barnett, Renee Mendoza & Tara Petroski. All three of these students wrote their final papers on some aspect of Unionization and their panel discussion was titled, Union Bosses. Renee Mendoza shared the power of the written word through Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA's). Her presentation provided an excellent overview of Unions and CBA's including a history of unionization and arbitration. Tara Petroski broke down the union process in her paper on the Anatomy of a Union Campaign. It was a very informative presentation that included explanation of two key acronyms: TIPS and FLOPS. And finally, Sharita Barnett took unionization a bit further in her presentation wherein she describes The Rise of Unions in the 21st Century and specifically shared with the audience information on Starbucks who has seen a lot of recent union activity. I highly recommend the watching of this panel presentation as these students did an excellent job of tying their individual papers together in a really succinct way. I especially loved the Coffee Talk at the end of the presentation where they shared more about Unionization in their individual worlds. Great job ladies!

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