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Top Five Ways to Keep Your Company Union Free

In a post covid world, there has never been such a focus on a safe workplace as there is today. With a new modernized interest in unions, just about any company is at risk of a union campaign knocking at its door. Being aware that this issue can be looming is the first step to remaining union-free. Your preparation is the next, most crucial step.

Employers have the right to maintain a workplace free from unionization, but it must be done legitimately. Here are a few tips that you can do to keep your workplace union free.

1. Treat your employees right. Build a culture of positive employee relations. Treat your employees with respect, listen to their concerns, and provide a fair and supportive workplace. Encourage open communication and feedback at all levels.

2. Pay them right. Provide competitive wages and benefits. Offer salaries and benefits packages that are competitive with other companies within their industry. Or, you can be an employer of choice and pay your employee above market.

3. Talk to them right. Communicate frequently and effectively. Keep your employees informed about the “state of the union,” company policy changes, and developments. Provide your employees the opportunity to give feedback, and address questions and concerns. Town halls or employee forums are great platforms to share information. Be a pro-worker company.

4. Make sure your managers treat their employees right. Train your managers and supervisors to ensure they understand their responsibility in your positive employee relations strategy. Provide training to your managers on how to communicate positively and effectively with their staff, ensure your managers know the labor laws, and how to handle potential union activity.

5. Stay in the know. Keep up to date with laws and regulations that govern union activity in the industry and stay informed on any potential organizing activity that takes place in your work. Know how to recognize the signs of organizing.

However, it is important to note that employees have the legal right to form a union if they choose to do so. As an employer, you cannot interfere with this right or retaliate against employees exercising this right. It is recommended to seek advice from a qualified labor attorney to ensure that all actions taken to keep the workplace union-free are lawful. For more information regarding employers and employee rights regarding unionization please visit the National Labor Relations Board website at The National Labor Relations Board is an independent agency of the federal government of the United States with responsibilities for enforcing U.S. labor law in relation to collective bargaining and unfair labor practices.

Tara Petroski

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Company Union free © 2023 by Tara Petroski is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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