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To the Bronx We Go!

In January 2021, I was nervous to be attending a graduate school program, fully online, in a subject area that was very new to me. During one of our first classes, Introduction to Employment Discrimination, I received a message from one of classmates, Rachel, introducing herself and asking if I would want to study the scenarios before our next class. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history. Not only did the MJ-LEL Program provide me with an excellent education, but I found a best friend. Fast forward to June 2022, Rachel planned a trip to NYC to see some friends and attend the Cubs vs. Yankees game. Since I live only a short train ride from NYC, Rachel invited me to join her at the game! It was such a fun day! (The Yankees won!). I will forever be grateful that I gained a best friend because of the MJ-LEL Program.

Yankees Game © 2022 by Pamela Ranson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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