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This Was The Program I Needed

As someone who joined the Human Resources field a little later than my peers, I feel like I have been playing "catch-up" ever since. I have had some phenomenal mentors along the way, however, I knew I needed to do something on my own to expand my skillset. To accomplish that goal, I knew it was important to find a program that would help improve my knowledge within the Labor and Employment Law field. I found exactly what I needed within Tulane's Master of Jurisprudence - Labor and Employment Law Program. I have been able to put the information I have learned in the classes into practical application in real time. The classes have ranged from Intro to Employment Discrimination to Legal Analysis to Investigations and, while they have been challenging, they have really helped me gain a better understanding of employment law. I am confident I now add more value as an HR professional as a result of the knowledge gained in this program.

This Was The Program I Needed © 2023 by Jamey Carroll is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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