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This isn't Goodbye

I have been so honored to be an inaugural Senior Fellow in the Tulane Law School MJ-LEL program. What is the purpose of a Fellow? A Fellow’s main purpose is to support the community in this program. Fellows help students with engagement and professors that needs work completed to support the ongoing improvement and development of the MJ-LEL program.

The first task assigned was to create a program to support students in a distance learning program. This led me to the concept of sustainable engagement. Distance learning programs have different barriers for students than in person programs. Students can feel isolated, unsure, or alone, unless the proper processes are put into place.

These processes of engagement must start from “Hello” and should never stop. It sounds like a big job, and it is, and is also the main reason why most engagement practices fail.

The purpose of my Capstone is to understand how, and when, to engage with students in a distance learning program. The solutions address approach, indicators for engagement, resources and laws that should be considered to support students. Engagement is not a single person’s job. It takes a village, and as long as you practice, document, and diversify your engagement strategy, it will succeed.

Keep in touch there are big things on the horizon!

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