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Thinking of Applying to the MJ-LEL program?

Yvette Gonzalez, MJ-LEL, Class of 2023

Are you thinking of applying to Tulane’s Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law? You should! I’m currently at the end of the program and I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve met great individuals who I now consider family, I’ve made countless professional connections, and I’ve had the chance to converse and really know the professors at Tulane on a personal level.

My confidence in labor and employment law has skyrocketed since my first semester and the legal knowledge that I take with me is extensive and has already made a difference in my role as an HR professional. A key experience that changed my time at Tulane was the immersion program that is offered to alumni, current, and prospective students.

Several memorable moments happened last July of 2022, when I attended the immersion program in New Orleans. It was the first time that I had the chance to meet my cohort in person and we shared many memorable moments during our brief stay. One of the most touching moments occurred when our program director, at the time, Joel Friedman was honored for his work and contribution to Tulane University. We had a chance to hear from alumni, and legal professors and had the opportunity to celebrate Professor Friedman’s reception ceremony before his retirement. This was truly a once in a lifetime moment.

Another immersion golden moment occurred the day that I had arrived in New Orleans. Our cohort group decided to meet at Antoine’s Restaurant in the French Quarter. We walked in as friends but walked out as a Family that day. Our bond as students, friends, and HR professionals is truly remarkable and one of a kind. Since then, we have saying that “no one is left behind”. My Tulane family is there for me. We are there for each other. We encourage and listen to one another. We know that we are all one text away if we need anything.

We proudly named our cohort “Nacho cohort” and I’m a proud member! I would not have had these experiences had it not been for the opportunity to attend the immersion program at Tulane. So, what is keeping you from applying? Do it now. You will not regret it!

Immersion Moment © 2023 by Yvette Gonzalez is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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