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Thinking of applying for the MJ program? Here’s an insider’s view.

I truly can't believe my time in the MJ-LEL program is coming to a close. Nearly 2 years flew by, and looking back at my experience, I treasure everything I have learned.

This program is like no other- it pushes you, it challenges you, and it makes you a better, more engaged working professional.

I went into the program wanting a degree (really just the letters), not expecting the breadth of applicable knowledge I would truly gain. Even speaking to active lawyers focused on employment law, they have been impressed with the depth and specificity of our classes.

I'm nervous about this final semester. Like all other semesters, my main concern has been- "how am I going to balance the workload with my regular day job?" Every semester, I surprise myself by my ability to prioritize, schedule properly, and get things done. Truthfully, being able to complete each course, while maintaining a 4.0, with a 6am-4pm job has been a challenge but it has absolutely enhanced my confidence in my own abilities. This program has allowed me to prove to myself that I can handle it. Whatever it is, I can handle it.

I'm excited to see what the future holds after graduation, and I'm excited to continue to apply the knowledge I've gained through this program in my work.

Thinking of applying for the MJ program? Here’s an insider’s view. © 2023 by Amanda Story is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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