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The Course That Changed My Path

At 50 years old, you would think that I knew what path I wanted to take in my career by now. I have worked for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for 20 years and thought for sure that I would eventually retire but stay in human resources in some way. I even considered working for the Administrative Office for the United States Courts IN WASHINGTON, D.C.! Reminder – I am a born and bred New Orleans native, Saints football fan, Mardi Gras loving, crawfish eating girl! Funny how life takes a turn! How could I even consider moving to D.C.? True to the saying "You never know what tomorrow will bring", Professor Ron Gard’s Arbitration Course interested me so much that I am now actively working on a career in arbitration/mediation. The course is challenging with a lot of writing, coordination, and forced interaction with fellow students, but is exciting and gives you the opportunity to research topics, talk about them, and get the advantage of hearing the other side’s views. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that the MJ/LEL Program has afforded me, and especially exposing me to different areas that could guide the rest of my career.

The Course That Changed My Path © 2023 by Jamei Richey is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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