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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

What can I cay about my Tulane cohort, or my team? A lot. In tonight's class we had to present our capstone papers in a panel presentation style; creating a PowerPoint, a plan for the presentation and record it. I was dreading it. Like seriously dreading it.

But it turns out, when you have a great team tasks are a little less daunting.

I had a great time working on this project with Eric Kalet. His knowledge of the history of the ADA was on point! I learned by just listening to him while we were presenting. And having such a knowledgeable team mate made the whole process less scary.

I am glad it is over. And I would not volunteer to do it again. But in hindsight it wasn't so bad, and maybe it was even a little fun.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work © 2024 by Amy Lathrop is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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