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Not sure if I can write about non-legal items but this is my first blog post.

Taylor is a Cavachon which is an interesting breed that I would highly recommend. The breed is a mix of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise. A hypoallergenic and very loving little companion dog, they are known to be very attached, quiet, and friendly.

After years of being big dog people (Labs and Great Danes), we sought out the Cavachon after watching a TV show on the top 10 dog breeds.

When we brought her home, we named her Taylor, not for wearing cardigans, but for the little puppy who couldn't stop wagging her tail. This little animal doesn't have a mean thought in her head and showers everyone with snuggles and love.

Taylor has been a family love bug of ours for over 10 years, she was just diagnosed with a heart condition.

For her, this means more regular check-ups, diet, and medication. She's a trooper and doesn't really miss a beat but periodically, like on our class zoom call tonight, she starts to have complications. When she gets stressed, her panic can cause some wheezing and she starts to sound like she's choking. It's upsetting for all but I think it scares her more.

Taylor has been our faithful family companion for so many years, she's been to weddings, funerals, and graduations and has moved to several different locations. She's met people from all walks and has taught us all about the grace and compassion we can extend to others. While it is challenging to think about the not-too-distant future where we will be needing to say, goodbye I can't help but thank this little dog for the compassion and love she shares with all who meet her.

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