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Sunday Fun Day

I used to manage a sports bar, one that was nationally known. It's no secret that if you work at a sports bar chances are you will be working on Sunday if the NFL season is in full swing. We wouldn't hire people that couldn't work on the busiest days of the season and needed to find extra staff to help with the most lucrative time of the year. So we couldn't hire anyone who had religious beliefs that required them be off on Sunday while looking for new candidates. Was that on it's face discrimination or was it a necessary qualification? I never thought about it until I started studying employment law. I assume it could be argued both ways, but everyone on staff had to be available on Sunday during football season. No exceptions. It didn't prevent us from being taken to the Va Employment Commission and being charged with religious discrimination although the employee knew upon being hired that Sundays were mandatory. With the case of the postal worker going to the supreme court over having to work Sundays it made me think of that situation. I'll be interested in seeing how they decide the case. In our case we settled.

Sunday Fun Day © 2023 by William Wade is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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