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Somthing I found

I am submitting this late s sorry about that. I didnt notice it was missing.

I am writing about my personal/professional introduction.

My names is Tom Johnson and I have worked in HR for about 25 years. I love this profession and am proud to be in it.

Many years ago I worked as a recruiter for a couple of years and I would goto locations for my company and help figure out recruiting issues. I noticed the HR folks would stop in and I would listen to the problems they were dealing with and I found it to be very rewarding on how they could make a big difference with their suggestions. I knew then that HR was the job for me. I liked how they could make such a large positive impact and make the lives of people better.

I took this program more for me to expand my knowledge and add it to my credential as this makes me more proud of what I do.

Something I learned © 2022 by Tom Johnson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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