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Some Kind Of Perpetual Student

Three Masters degrees.


It's exciting to be here in my final semester, working on my MJ-LEL at Tulane Law. (It's still weird for me to say that!). I'm finding myself dreaming of regalia, graduation speakers, and Second Line Umbrellas...

Life has been a wild ride getting here. 20+ years of HR experience, a move from Texas to Florida, five years at my current organization but a new role in the last six months that moved my scope from Florida to HQ of an international company, a new marriage to an amazing husband, the addition of the title of "Bonus Mom" as I now have awesome twin bonus kiddos, and dog mom to the craziest Australian Shepherd in the Western Hemisphere....oh, and I decorate cookies as a side hustle, love reading and playing video games, and I've even tackled Irish dancing (it's fun, you should try it!).

I'm constantly seeking new, fun, exciting knowledge. HR provides me with educational sustenance, but I needed more. And I've found it here. At Tulane. In this program. My constant hunger for education, experience, even for new words (self-proclaimed logophile here) has been served well in each class, my Immersion experience, and my connections with fellow cohort members. The plans we have to stay in touch and glean even more in years to come are thrilling.

So, yeah, I'm some kind of perpetual student. However, Tulane may have found a way to sate my desire for more - in a good way. I promise.

We will see.

Final semester. It's unbelievable. I'll post pictures of graduation - it'll be the experience of a lifetime!


Some Kind Of Perpetual Student © 2023 by Elena Miller is licensed underCC BY-SA 4.0

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