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As a Michigan native in an industry that works closely with the automotive industry and their suppliers, my workday has been fille with speculation about the possible impending UAW strike. With the deadline to finalize their CBA approaching on September 14th and little progress being made, many people in the automotive industry are speculating that a strike is impending. Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors account for roughly 146,000 jobs in the Detroit and metro-Detroit area and a strike among the automotive population would have a ripple effect across many other employers which would negatively impact many companies. The UAW said they plan to make themselves available 24/7 over the next 3 days but because of the reported disparity between union demands and the automotive companies, many feel that a strike is inevitable. Among the demands being made are a 46% wage increase, a 32-hour workweek, the re-establishment of retiree medical benefits, and a litany of other requests. As someone who already has great disdain for the UAW, I am interested to see if an agreement is reached and what concessions will be made by both sides.

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