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So you're saying I should already know this?!

Have you ever been struggling and eventually have an epiphany that you actually do know what you're doing?! That was me this week when researching, citing sources and working on my outline. It has been so long since I have done this type of work that I panicked. I'm not afraid to admit it!

Getting 20 sources for my paper seemed daunting and then Bluebooking them seemed unfathomable. I would start working on my assignments, feel overwhelmed, take a break and I felt like I was in a vicious cycle I couldn't break. Then I remembered something... I had already learned how to cite cases in a previous course. I kept telling myself this is something new that I'd never done and therefore allowing panic, but turns out I knew exactly what I was doing!

Once I remembered that the task didn't seem so daunting and once I felt more confident I started working on collecting my sources because I knew I could cite them. Talk about writer's block-- I had researcher's block! This is a friendly reminder to all that this program has set us up for success in many different ways and sometimes remembering that can help us overcome the challenges; not only of this final capstone course, but of the challenges we face as employers and HR professionals. I plan on reminding myself of this anytime I get stuck in the future and you should too!

So You're Telling me I should already know this?! © 2022 by Allison Lessard is licensed underCC BY-NC 4.0

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