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So, You're Considering the MJ-LEL Program at Tulane University?

Your contemplation was once mine. I pondered over the decision of, “Do I apply, or Do I let it go?” for months. I was confused. I had a circle of people trying to convince me that it was too much for me to even attempt to go back to school and others encouraging me to apply. I even had people trying to guilt-trip me for even considering it because the requirements would get in the way of family. I will be the first person to tell you that my plate was completely full! I had every reason to decide NOT to go back to school. I can give you a million reasons why it would have been a terrible idea, but I had one really good reason to apply, that made sense to me. That reason stares at me every morning. My image. This has been MY dream. This, no one can take away from me. This, I will have earned. This is mine. I decided to go for it.

See, I am a wife, a mother—I am a soccer mom and a football mom for travel teams. This means a “mom-in-kind" to many other children on the teams. I am very community oriented, socially active and am employed in Human Resources as a Professional. The demands of my time for work, family and all the extras are heavy. However, I must live with my own decisions, and I could not pass this opportunity up. For years, I wanted to go to law school. I felt that having this degree would set me apart and take my career to a different level. So, I applied to Tulane School of Law, held my breath and exhaled when I saw my acceptance. I couldn’t have been happier! This experience has been wonderful and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Professors. What can I say? The professors are renowned and highly respected in their field of legal expertise, and you have the opportunity to be in their presence and learn directly from them. They challenge you to go beyond your comfort. Outside of the professors, I have met some of the most amazing, smart and talented people with whom many share the same profession and ambition, as I do. We have learned the love language of law together. We have studied cases together. We have had study sessions together. We have stressed over assignments together. I say TOGETHER because in this program you are not alone. Everyone in the program is going through the same thing or something. Having support on the inside is very helpful and means a great deal when you need an extra boost or a word of encouragement.

So, go for it! Apply to become a Tulanian through the MJ-LEL program. If you don’t, I can say with certainty that you will wish you had. This is a great community to be part of and I have not a single regret.

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