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Sinking or Swimming in Research? It's a toss up right now.

So here we are, week 7 of 15 weeks of all things research, planning, writing, re-writing, note taking...... the deep end stage of the Capstone course. Am I sinking or swimming? Depends on the day.

To be honest, my topic has a lot of great secondary resources and that is highly encouraging. The fact that autism resource organizations are supporting and educating actively on how to transition people with autism from education to the workplace is a delight. It makes my autism mom and disability legal advocate heart happy. But it is also overwhelming. As I have read and researched I have been sucked into the rabbit hole. I have been happy, angry, sad, frustrated and bewildered at some of the real world disability discrimination cases that I have discovered. After one solid weekend afternoon of research I busted out into the garage and proclaimed to my husband that I was so fired up about this that it made me want to further my education and receive my JD and fight for people with autism in the workplace. He just smiled and said, "So how is the paper coming along?"

To be fair, this process is going as it should be. Each week we have a focus; finding our topic, breaking down the research, writing the annotated bibliography, completing the structural outline. We are learning to swim, one lesson at a time and right now I have learned to float. My head is above water and soon I will be swimming through the writing process. So no need to worry about me. I am breathing and moving right along.

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