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Religion As A Guise For Discrimination?

Many people refuse to discuss religious beliefs with others as it can be a polarizing topic. We all know as Americans that we have the freedom to hold whatever religious beliefs we choose and these beliefs are protected by law. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution says so, and the founders of the country found it extremely important if it was one of the first things they wanted codified in the law of the land. The question is what happens when your religious beliefs have a discriminatory effect on others? Whose side is the law on? I will spend the duration of the semester exploring this idea and finding out the answers as to where the law stands now and what pending changes maybe coming from Court rulings in the immediate future. Can you openly discriminate against same sex couples in the employment arena under the protection of being a religious organization, and should you be allowed to? What other arenas does religious protection run afoul by marginalizing protected classes? I'm excited to explore this topic further and write a compelling piece of legal assessment. More to come.

Religion As A Guise For Discrimination? © 2023 by William Wade is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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