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Racial Group Most Vulnerable to Job Loss Due to AI

I think most people who have followed the developments of artificial intelligence have had the same roller coaster of thoughts about it. Very cool but…a little scary? I’ve thought about what jobs are at risk with AI’s introduction and advancement, but I had not thought about what racial group may be more at risk than others.

According to a recent report by Pew Research Center, Asian American employees are more exposed than other racial groups to AI.

A 2022 study from McKinsey & Company found that Asian Americans are overrepresented in high-wage technical fields such as software development and computer programming—jobs often associated with job displacement caused by AI.

As the linked article below from SHRM recommends, employees in these more exposed fields might want to consider a career switch with re-education and re-training. The article states the idea isn’t as intimidating as it once was, as having multiple careers in a lifetime is starting to become the norm.

Racial Group Most Vulnerable to Job Loss Due to AI © 2023 by Amanda Newell is licensed underCC BY-ND 4.0

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