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Presentation Party of Two!

Updated: Mar 23

Sometimes, classes at Tulane Law School are just "shotgun style." You sign on to class, and next thing you know, you are recording a power point presentation with your partner!

I'm being facetious of course! To be sure, we prepared several times over the last few weeks, but once you hit record, it's time to get serious. And have some fun. My partner, Amy Lathrop was fantastic, with her knowledge of the IDEA and the ADA peppered with her personal experience, was an incredible complement for each other. We told stories, encouraged diversity of thought and made a call to action! This experience is truly challenging, educational and most importantly rewarding.

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1 Comment

So true about the way in which we come together to co-create such great content. I appreciated your approach to topics such as IDEA and ADA. Congrats on your project!

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