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Preparing for the Capstone (already?!)

My name is Amanda Story and I cannot believe I am already in my 5th semester of the program! I currently work at NCBUniversal as an HR Specialist. I decided to enroll in the program to enhance my HR knowledge, as as well as learn how to approach HR from a legal/compliance standpoint. My favorite part of the program is really the variety of knowledge we are able to obtain, with professors coming from a really vast, interesting range of professions and experiences.

I would love to see the program focus on more specialized class options (like Social Media in the Workplace and Employee Medical Leaves). These classes are so highly specific and get into such detail, I would love to see more electives with that level of specificity in the future.

I don't post on social media all that much. I use Facebook and Instagram, mostly to keep up with friends and family, though I rarely post myself. I would be interested in gaining more exposure to TikTok, as I know it is so popular, but I haven't used it yet myself.

I've also included a photo of my cat (Tobe Hooper)! My cats (as well as volunteering at a cat rescue) are a huge part of my life, and have provided much needed comfort over the course of figuring out how to balance working while being enrolled in the program.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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