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Pregnancy Discrimination

What an AMAZING presentation fellow classmates!!!

Kori Amos—You are a great ‘story-teller’. You were able to encompass your personal and professional experience and make it interesting to listen. Congratulations, to you for completing this rigorous program with a new baby, pregnancy, and another new baby. Very commendable.

Kathy Arroyo—Don’t discount your great success. Congratulations on all your endeavors and successes. Good Luck to you and your future “Breakfast with Kat” channel. Make sure you let the class know, so we can support.

Amanda Isaac—The pandemic for most took an unusual turn. However, it’s been bittersweet for you—you are about to hold a Law Degree in HR, which makes you more competitive in the workplace. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Angela Kohl—I feel you when you say HR Operations is both ‘dark and fun’. There’s not a day that goes by that you are not putting out fires, but it is rewarding when you can solve problems for employees and be a positive contributor to your employer.

Your presentation was well organized and the flow was great for listeners, such as me. My takeaway…make sure the content is impactful and resonates with people. The quiet HR Professional is no longer exists. We must give people a platform to speak out, when something is brought to our attention, as HR Professionals. Finally, in 57% has been harrassed in the workplace. That number is alarming in the year of 2023

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