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Piecing Together A Puzzle

I know what I am writing about.

I have researched the topic. I understand my view point that I am writing from. I am currently writing the beginnings of my research paper. There is however a vast amount of information I am including, and I find myself wondering am I missing any substantial pieces? I am constructing a piece on Religious exemptions and there are many cases and articles to explore on the topic. At this point the research should be done, but I can't help but think what if there is one or two cases that are paramount to my topic and I haven't included them in the paper? Assembling what I have is also a daunting task all it's own. Putting things in a logical, well written order is going to take time. Finally there's Blue Booking all my source material, I never thought I would have to write outside of the APA style of citations, but here we go. Just need to assemble the scattered pieces of this puzzle into what hopefully becomes a full picture that I can be proud of. I am going to need to up my coffee intake.

Piecing Together A Puzzle © 2023 by William Wade is licensed underCC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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