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Panel Presentation Review

I spent my Sunday listening to all of the posted panel presentations. What a lovely reminder of how incredibly my peers are! So many diverse perspectives, and unique ways of presenting the panel project.

The LGBTQIA2S+ panel was incredibly enlightening. I really appreciated hearing not only statistics related to LGBTQIA individuals in the workplace and facts related to defining cases and relevant laws, but I also loved hearing from their guest. Hearing from Kaela provided a great reminder that there is a long way to go in terms of inclusivity and equality in the workplace for LGBTQIA individuals.

I also really appreciated hearing different perspectives on harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Specifically, pregnancy discrimination, as it is a topic that I previously knew very little about. Hearing about the interaction of the PDA, ADA, FMLA, and PWFA was extremely interesting and enlightening!

Both taking part in the panel presentation, and listening to the presentations by my peers was extremely helpful in more fully developing my own paper topic, as well as learning more about a diverse number of subjects that I may not have been as familiar with. Even though I was nervous about this project, I'm so glad it was part of the Capstone.

Panel Presentation Review © 2023 by Amanda Story is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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