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Now, We Are Panelists...

As I sit here and contemplate what to say about this group’s work, I struggle, because there are not enough words, and this would turn into a 5-to-10-minute read. So, I will do my best to keep it brief. I can say that I am in an amazing Cohort! The panel presentations on Harassment and Union Bosses were very well done and “Oh! How far we’ve come!” I am inspired by you all to do more. The level of conversation and information and creativity, Just Wow!

I have come away from this experience wanting to know more about HR’ing in the great state of California because the information shared by those who live there, and HR there, is very intriguing. They are an employee-friendly state, as said by Amanda during the Harassment and Discrimination panel. I now want to research to understand unions more and why the younger demographic is gravitating to unions. Where did the shift come from. Are Non-Union companies safe from the Millennials and Gen Zers? One coffeehouse thought they were and found out otherwise. What should the Non-Union company’s next move be, in order to remain Non-Union? I have so many thoughts and questions! I have learned that it will be important to watch other states to see if they have similar bills, like that of Texas, where they are holding members of management liable for what knew or should have known and how they respond to claims of harassment in the workplace. What other states have similar laws to Texas and which ones are contemplating a change like this? There was so much goodness to get out of these panel presentations! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passing the information along.

Because this is the last blog as a Capstonian, if this were a popular TV show, this would be the part where the music would slowly fade away and I would open the door, look over my shoulder, sadly, and take in one last glance before turning off the light for my final exit. So, picture that as you read this sign-off message. Cheers and be well!

Now, We Are Panelists... © 2023 by Aisha Biggers Tory is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 Photo: "final exam" by dcJohn is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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