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My Jouney

After completing high school, I embarked on a transformative journey by joining the Army, where I served with dedication and commitment in the field of Communications as a 31U, aka Signal Support Systems Specialist. This experience not only instilled discipline but also honed my skills in effective communication and teamwork.

Following my military service, I decided to focus on building a family while pursuing my passion for communication further. I embarked on an academic journey, which culminated in a degree in Communications with a minor in Commerce from Miami University. This educational experience allowed me to explore the intricacies of effective communication in the business world and provided a solid foundation for my future endeavors.

I am now the Director of HR & Talent for an amazing tech company in Cincinnati called CoStrategix. I have been in the field of HR for the past 10 years and have focused on HR Law, which is what led to my discovery of the Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law program at Tulane University School of Law. A program in which I have one more semester!

My aspiration to pursue a Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law from Tulane University School of Law is driven by a deep-seated desire to enhance my understanding of legal matters and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Tulane's distinguished reputation for its legal program, its emphasis on civic engagement, and its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community resonates with my values and goals. I believe that this advanced education will equip me with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact in the legal field and continue my journey of personal and professional growth.

My Journey © 2023 by Heather Cloud is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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