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My paper for Capstone Course

I really enjoyed writing my paper for this class. I was sort of thinking this class was going to be boring and not really challenge me at all but I was proved wring as soon as I started the class as I have had other capstone courses and they were a waste of time in my opinion.

As soon as I started the class I was quickly over whlemed by how much info needed to be put in my paper and how long it had to be which intimiadted me and i got very nervous before I started writing it but the instructor did a great job of calming me down and giving great direction on how to write the paper and plenty of encouragement.

My paper is about Unions, social media and its affect of free speech. One thing i remember from the instrcutor is that by the time I got done writing it in as many ways and forms that I would truly be an expert on the topic and at this point I feel like I am.

My paper really delved into the laws around the NRLA and how it impacts us today as the courts and the NLRB and continued to interpret it and apply it todays social networking and then balances our protected speech. This is no easy task and it has been done with great consequences to certain people and companies.

I think as time continues more court and board opinions are going to come out and shape how we are to act and react when people/employees post things on social media and how it impacts the company, its reputation and its potential sales and how that balances the employees rights to organize and have concerted activity and how the employer must respond which I believe is in a limited fashion.

Presently, don't feel this is settled law quite yet as more and more issues arise and new interpretations come up as well as technology gets more complicated and the courts will have to catch up to the speed of technology to settle this issue

My final paper © 2022 by Tom Johnson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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