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My experience in the Master of Jurisprudence program at Tulane University.

I had so many emotions as I began my first semester; anxious, and excited, but mostly fearful that I was too old to go back to school. I felt a bit like Elle Woods getting ready for my first day of law school, my favorite pen and notebook were ready to go, and I’m pretty sure I wore my favorite shirt for the event.

My fear of not being able to navigate the online tools quickly diminished as I complete the Tulane Student Orientation. The online orientation gave great advice on “How to be a Student Again”, which was a great reminder of things I already knew but forgot over the years. The orientation also walked me through how to navigate the online tools and how to communicate with my professors and other students. I was now ready to begin.

I was feeling pretty confident after I completed orientation and then logged into Module 1 of my first class, Legal Analysis 1. My confidence quickly left, and the fear returned, what did I know about legal analysis? Was I smart enough to understand it? Was I too old to learn new tricks? By the end of the first module, I was beginning to feel like I could do this, but the real awakening was in our first live class with Professor Jennifer Cooper. Professor Cooper immediately put me at ease in the way she conducted our discussion, she talked with us as professionals but with a warmth to her tone and an ease to her instruction. By the end of Legal Analysis I, my confidence was back, and ready to take on the next semester.

As the semesters continued, I was so relieved and elated to find the same level of knowledge, professionalism, and engagement continued with Professor Matambanadzo, Professor Elizabeth Gard, Professor Ron Gard, Professor Egan, Professor James, Professor Avery, and Professor Bakay. Each professor has displayed genuine caring for the program and each of the students.

My next big milestone was Immersion Weekend, anxious that I would be the oldest in the room and not able to keep up with the “younger” students. All that anxiousness subsided the moment I stepped on campus, I could not wait to begin the weekend. I felt a great sense of pride when someone took my photo outside of the law school and then complete giddiness when I received my Tulane University school ID card.

Immersion weekend was a combination of meeting new friends, learning new things, and participating in sessions led by judges and prominent legal figures. By the end of Immersion Weekend, I truly felt that I was a part of Tulane Law School and could not wait to continue my education.

All my classes were well organized, well taught, and relevant. As an HR professional, I knew a lot of things about a lot of things, but through my education at Tulane, I have greater confidence when I speak and have the knowledge to make recommendations that people listen to. Each one of my professors was knowledgeable and engaged in my success.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of employment law and gain a network of professionals who provide another point of view and serve as an additional resource long after the program is completed.

Attending Tulane University, Master of Jurisprudence in Employment and Labor Law has been one of the highlights of my career and I will be proud to consider myself a graduate of Tulane University in August.

Thinking of Applying for the Master of Jurisprudence at Tulane University? 2023 by Kathy Johnson is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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