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MJ-LEL - Why Choose the Program

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I wanted to share why I chose this program and what I was looking to get out of it. I was in HR as a HR Generalist and I had completed my bachelors degree and was looking for a program for my masters. I was looking at taken a masters in HR Management however, my manager at the time stated that I should not go into HR Management and my go to get my MBA. I started to look for programs and ran across the Labor and Employment Law at Tulane. After hearing about the program, I realized that this was the program for me and I would get so much more out of it to further my career in Human Resources.

Once I was accepted in the program I learned I had some knowledge but the knowledge you get from the program was vast. The ability to review legal documents and to think outside of the box to know how to proceed. The community that you become part of is a wonderful asset. I could not have chosen a better program to further my career.

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