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Meet Osha Stevenson

I never thought I would apply for graduate school. After multiple failed attempts at college, furthering my education was something I knew had to be done but I dreaded the thought. It was not until 2011 that I discovered Human Resources as a career choice; I was always the person friends and family would call to help them find a job or review their resume. After six years in recruiting, I knew to be competitive in the field, I needed to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field. As my passion grew, in 2017 I decided to enroll in the Human Resources Administration and Development bachelor’s program at Mercer University.

While attending Mercer University I took an Employment Law class. This class excited me, and I understood that the knowledge gained could be useful for me as a Talent Acquisition Manager. As I entered my senior year, I began to think about pursuing a master’s degree in human resources then I was contacted by a representative from Tulane University regarding the Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law. I reviewed the courses and determined this was the best option for me.

Being a part of this program has helped me further my career as a Human Resources professional. I want to be a difference-maker in the organization that I work for, by establishing an unforgettable candidate experience. Another accomplishment this degree will aid me in is becoming an adjunct professor. During my undergrad, I noticed a knowledge gap between what was being taught and what actually happens in the workplace. I believe my real-world experiences will be beneficial to the students I teach in which I will be able to help them make connections to everyday life.

Capstonian Biography © 2023 by Osha Stevenson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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